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Binnenhuisarchitecte, ontwerp.


M Studio Interior Design translates your individual wishes for your home, office or other space to a creative and surprising design with the right atmosphere and functionality. Our vision here is, that the whole should be more than the sum of its parts. That we succeed to add value, is proven in our portfolio.

An interior design is possible from A to Z, from rough draft tot completed work blue print. The functionality and the way a space is experienced is always paramount. Aside from the outline of a space, the entire interior, including furnishings, color, materials and lighting are addressed. M Studio also custom designs individual furniture pieces.

Aside from the private market, M Studio Interior Design focuses on design of office spaces. We have extensive knowledge of today's dynamics in a productive and pleasant work environment. With us, themes like flex working, Alternative Workplace Strategies and the psychology of productivity are in good hands.
Architecte exterieur
M Studio designs gardens that are exciting in every season. To us, the garden is more than the extension of the house. Just like an interior it shows some of the character of its inhabitants. A garden is a full addition to the overall living experience. Well placed terraces, unexpected vistas and long lines of sight with a clear structure, characterize our garden designs.
M Studio designs space. An addition, a new plan for the ground floor, extra attic space or the renovation of a bathroom? You found the right company in M Studio. Whether it is a new build, renovation or addition, our contribution of calm, harmony and symmetry will always be perceptible and recognizable.