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madelon neefkes

Madelon Neefkes en M-Studio

M Studio Interior Design is a full service design company, founded in 2004. It is under the spirited guidance of Madelon Neefkes.

Madelon is inherently interested in architecture, design, color en texture. Building and designing is literally in her genes. She was born in the Zaanstreek into a three generation building family. Not until later did she consciously make a choice for the design business. First she was educated in restaurant and hotel management and subsequently had a career in the international recruiting field. About ten years ago she enrolled in interior design school.

Multifaceted talent

Gained work experience, her passion for color and architecture and her inherited knowledge about building, create a unique combination. This mix of talents makes Madelon uniquely suited for the design and realization of hotel, restaurant and office projects as well as private homes.

With eye for the environment, the company image and – very important – the ergonomics and productivity of the workforce, she creates new, fresh, attractive and surprising interiors for the hotel and restaurant industry.

In the area of office and project design Madelon shows a lot of interest in alternative options. The so called “Alternative Workplace Strategies (HNW)” requires a very different approach and a more flexible interior. To facilitate flexible working and to make flex workers feel at ease, is her greatest challenge.


Madelon lived and worked in the United States for over ten years and in Belgium for a short period of time. She now resides in the Zaanstreek with her partner and son and occupies herself with designing living and working environments since 2004 exclusively.


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